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I am Nick Steinhaus, owner of the licensed and insured company, Northern Electrical Solutions. I am from Hutchinson Minnesota and have lived in the area my whole life.

After obtaining my electrical degree, I worked in the electrical field for seven years. During my time working in the field, I have done work in residential, commercial, and industrial industries. I started to realize there was a need for residential and commercial work and that I could provide my services in the area. I took my master's test and opened Northern Electrical Solutions.

We strive to ensure that we're serving our customers with the quality work that we provide. How can we serve you?

We are a full service electrical company.

Electrical Installations

Most homeowners shouldn't attempt any electrical installation. We provide electrical installation services, such as electrical panels, generator installation, electric vehicle charging station, ceiling fan installation and much, much more.

Electrical Repairs

Are you having problems with flickering, dimming lights or circuit breakers that constantly trip? Switches and outlets that don't work?

We do everything from replacing ciruit breakers to full rewiring of your home. When you have electrical issues, your home will suffer. Don't let your home suffer. Give us a call!

Electrical Upgrades

Outdated or overwhelmed electrical panels and circuits are the main cause of electrical fires. With all the new appliances and devices out there, we are consuming more electricity than ever before.

Electrical upgrades can help make sure your electrical system can keep up with the power demands. With Northern Electrical Solutions, we can help make sure that your power demands meet your family needs.

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"If you're looking for quality, this is it. Great work."
- Gage Zimmerman
Fire department approves
"We have a sign of approval by Hutchinson Firefighter! Give us a call and see why!"
"Great company. The guys went the extra mile to make sure I was happy with their work. They made a few suggestions to my plan which resulted in a better solution. They also had no problems with changes to the requested start date."
- Emily Adams

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